Which Horror Novels Are You Reading? | Book Review

A few months ago, I was writing an ebook about a series of horror novels.The book, which I wrote with the help of a good friend, was titled “The Necronomicons”.Since then, I’ve continued to write about it, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on some of the best horror novels of the past few […]

What to read in the new book The Big Bang Theory: Free ebooks and books for all?

Free eBooks and Books for All (FBA) is a new book that aims to answer that question.The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple, Apple iBooks, iBooks Online, Smashwords, the Kindle Store, Google Play, and other eBook services.The book is written by Steve Haugland, an American writer and a New York […]

How to get books on Kindle for free at Storia online

Posted November 29, 2018 11:17:31Storia is the new ebook-store that has opened up at The Globe and Mail.The company has been opening stores in other cities, including Toronto, and in Vancouver, but now it is moving its business to the United States.Storia is a small, self-employed family business that has been operating in the downtown […]

New book on vampires, witches and other supernatural beings: ‘Vampires, Witches and Other Spooky Creatures’ by John C. W. Campbell

The title of this new book on the supernatural creatures of the paranormal is pretty terrifying: “Vampires and Witches and Others.”It was written by John Campbell and comes from his new book, The Vampire, Witch, and Other Other Spookies, out this week.The book includes some disturbing details about these creatures, but also some great information […]

When I was your age: Free romance ebook download guide

When I wasn’t in my teenage years, I was the happiest girl on the block.I was a young girl, a free-spirited, funny and kind of rebellious girl who had a lot of fun and adventure.Free romance ebook download guide I started reading free romance ebook at the age of nine, when I was still just […]