MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald reports that President Obama’s legacy is “a nightmare” for blacks, and “a failure of leadership.”

Seitz goes on to say, “If the President were to lose the presidency, it would be the most important moment in his career.”

Seitzer adds, “We’re seeing the most racially diverse president since Bill Clinton.”

Sebert says the President’s “reaction is not to blame, but the failure of the leadership.”

The former CBS Evening News anchor says “the political leadership is to blame.”

He continues, “He’s the most divisive president since the civil rights movement.”

Seidert says “Obama is not going to be president for very long.”

The anchor adds, “…the American people have lost confidence in the presidency of the first African-American president.”

The MSNBC host says “they should have voted for Trump,” and that the “black community is tired of having him.”

Seitert said, “And we’ve lost a lot of our friends, lost our faith in America, lost a generation of our children, and have lost a country.

And I think it’s a very bad day.”

Seigert concludes, “I think that this is the worst thing that can happen to a president in my lifetime.”