Posted November 29, 2018 11:17:31Storia is the new ebook-store that has opened up at The Globe and Mail.

The company has been opening stores in other cities, including Toronto, and in Vancouver, but now it is moving its business to the United States.

Storia is a small, self-employed family business that has been operating in the downtown area of Toronto for about a year.

It started in an alley behind a coffee shop in May 2017.

Now it has a full-service, one-stop shop, located in the parking lot of the University of Toronto, at 1260 Bay St. The store offers more than 500 ebooks, a selection of ebooks from, and more than 400 titles available for download through its Kindle Unlimited service.

Stria is offering free ebooks to people who sign up for its online library.

“We really do think of it as a service to the community,” says Storia co-founder and CEO, Paul Jobe.

“When you go in and you find a book that interests you, that’s a service that you can’t get elsewhere.

You can’t find that on Amazon, and it’s really hard to find that online.

We don’t have a competitor in this space.”

It will take about two months to download a book from Stria.

Storians digital library includes a selection from Amazon, a variety of other online publishers and titles, and other titles available through its website.

“It’s kind of like a mini library,” says Jobe, who started with the idea for a store.

“The books are curated in a way that it’s more like a book club than a book store.

We try to find as many of the top ebooks that we can.”

He says it’s important to have a diverse range of eBooks, but the store has found that people like a variety.

“One of the things we noticed is people are searching for books that are new and fresh and that they’re not afraid to read,” he says.

“Some of them are not necessarily necessarily necessarily classics, but there are some that are actually pretty new.

Jobe says the focus is on quality over quantity. “

If you look at a lot of people that use our service, they tend to be older, they’re women, they have a higher income level, they work in the technology industry, they may have children, and so on.”

Jobe says the focus is on quality over quantity.

“For us, it’s not just quantity but quality, that we have to bring the books to our users.”

He also says the selection of titles is not limited to the books on Storia.

“There are titles that we’re adding every day, and there are also titles that are coming out that are getting released,” he said.

“So we don’t necessarily have the exact number of titles, but it’s pretty consistent.”

Joke says that the aim is to offer a wide variety of eReaders, from Kindle devices to Kindles to tablets, and that there is a lot more that people can do with Storia than just download eBooks.

“In some ways it’s kind the same as buying books on Amazon,” he added.

“You can go into Amazon and download a new book and read it for free, but you have to go into Storia to actually read it.”

Storia, which has opened a store in Toronto in 2017, has now opened in New York City and Vancouver.

“They were really excited when we announced that,” says Doug MacLeod, who is co-president of the New York chapter of the Authors Guild of Canada, an organization that represents authors.

Their strategy is to be the best, and we’re really proud of that.”