How to Be A Better Mindful Person: 7 Tips For Making Sense Of the Science

When it comes to becoming a better listener, the science of mindfulness has proven to be remarkably compelling. As mindfulness research continues to move forward, we’re finding that the key to understanding what you’re saying and doing may be in your gut.But how do you find out what your gut says and does?Mindfulness is often touted […]

What Is a Literary Library?

Grisham: A Free eBook Library article Griswold: Free eBook for the Ages article Grissom: Free ebook for the modern reader article Grin: Free ebooks for reading on your computer article Grigsby: Free Kindle ebook for children article Grigg: Free Ebooks for the World Wide Web article Haggard: Free books and audiobooks for the curious reader […]

How to Write a Beautiful Story in One Day

How to write a beautiful story in one day with this FREE ebook.The book is called The Writer’s Toolkit, and it has some great advice on how to write stories and share them with others.If you’re a writer, you might want to check this out if you want to improve your writing skills.1,099 pages,free source […]

MSNBC: Obama’s ‘doomed’ legacy for blacks is ‘a nightmare’

MSNBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald reports that President Obama’s legacy is “a nightmare” for blacks, and “a failure of leadership.”Seitz goes on to say, “If the President were to lose the presidency, it would be the most important moment in his career.”Seitzer adds, “We’re seeing the most racially diverse president since Bill Clinton.”Sebert says the President’s “reaction […]

The Borges eBook free: The first ebook free ebook is here

This is an excerpt from a blog post by James Borges, the author of the acclaimed The Borgesian Chronicles, and his wife, Laura, who is an American who has lived in Europe for 20 years.It’s the first of two books they’re publishing this month.Borges wrote the first book, The Borgian Conspiracy, in 2003.He says the […]

How to use Free eBook Templates to create a personalized eBook title: The best way to create your own Free eBook template

The following is a guide to using Free eBook templates to create an eBook title.It’s a good idea to start with a template that you are comfortable with, but the more you use it, the better it becomes.If you are unsure of how to set one up, you can check out this article on how […]