An anthology of Sanskrit poetry, titled Sanskrit: The Complete Poems of Jai Shankar, is slated to be released on April 5, 2019.

The anthology, which will include poems by Jai Singh, a poet who served as the prime minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh from 1951 to 1971, was first published in the U.S. in 2016.

The book, which is due to be sold in India in 2019, will feature the work of over 300 poets.

Jai, who is now 85, had previously written about the poem in his autobiography, “Buddhism,” and had written about it in books and essays.

“This book is a unique opportunity to bring this remarkable literature to the public,” said the author, Jai.

The literary journal, the Sanskrit Reader, has already begun accepting manuscripts.

Sri Lanka is also expected to release a book of poetry in 2019 by the poet A. J. Gopalaswamy.

A book of poems titled “Vai Bhavav” (the book of the gods) was published by the University of Kerala in 1894.

The poem, which was published as a poem in a book, was later published in English by Charles Dickens in his 1885 novel “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”