By Emily SchumannThe Americanah ebook is free, and that means it’s good for everyone.

That’s according to the company, which announced Tuesday that it will be the first publisher in the world to offer the e-book for free.

Americanah, founded in 2011 by former Apple co-founder Peter Thiel, says it is a subsidiary of the same company that runs the New York Times, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal.

The company says it has already had some 200,000 downloads and has had more than 10 million downloads from publishers.

Americanah is one of the few publishers that doesn’t make money off the sale of its books.

But that’s not stopping it from trying to be the leading provider of free ebook products.

It has a large, loyal user base, and it’s a growing player in the ecommerce space.

Americanahs main selling point is that its free eBooks are available for purchase through Amazon and other online retailers.

Americanaah says that when it makes eBooks, it’s also working to get them to other people as well.

Americanyah says that its ebook program has already helped the company generate over $200 million in revenue.

Americanaah has a lot of work ahead, however.

AmericanAH says that it is currently working on a new ebook format for publishers that will make its books available for free through eBooks retailers and other digital retailers.

For now, Americanah says its ebook sales will remain free, but will soon add a $3.99 per month price tag.