You might want to look into using eBooks Direct instead.

It is a service where you pay an author to upload a free ebook to the Amazon platform, then Amazon gives the authors a percentage of sales of the sale.

They can then sell the ebook on their own site or through their own bookstores.

It’s a very popular way of getting your eBooks out to the public.

Here’s how to use eBooks direct: First, click the link in the “Book” section of your e-reader’s settings.

In the top right, choose “Bookstore”.

You’ll see a list of all the books available on the platform.

Click the book you want to download.

A window will pop up with all the details.

Click “Browse” and a window will open up to show you the titles available for download.

In this case, the books are: ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’, by Joanna Russon: Free eBooks available at: ‘The Secret of the Lost City of Z’, by Cate Breckenridge: Free eBook available at https://catebreckenrecs.blogspot,com/2008/09/secret-of-the.html/index.html The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Free Free e-books available at the following locations: http:/ http:/ ‘The Legend of Zorro’, by Tom Shillings: Free ebook available at The Legend: A Game of Thrones: Free free eBooks at: The Legend’s the Wild: Free ‘The Lost City Of Z’ eBooks are available at, http:/ The Lost City: Free The Lost Lands eBooks: http:\,http:\www://