We’re just a few months into Amazon Prime’s free trial period, and the company’s ebooks are still growing.

But we’ve noticed that its free trial doesn’t always lead to great content, and sometimes the best books that have been reviewed here on The Wall St. Journal have not been available.

We’ve compiled a list of the best free ebook deals we’ve seen so far, and here are our picks.


Free ebook from The Wall, by Emily F. Feltus, about how to become an author (and more) Free ebook Free ebook Emily Felt, a veteran writer, blogger and author, shares her advice on how to grow your career and create a new career, how to write and publish and what it means to be an author.


Free ebook from The Librarians, by Lulu author, Emily D. Fells Free ebook The Librarian’s Guide to Writing and Publishing by Emily D Fells offers tips on how you can become a better writer and author.


Free book from The Motto of the New Millennium, by Joseph E. Hinkley Jr., about how the future of books will be shaped by the past Free book Joseph E Hinkleys newest book, The New Millennium: A Modern History of the Writing World, offers insight on how the writing world has changed since the early 1900s.


Free eBook from The New Republic, by Anthony DiPietro Free eBook Anthony Di Pietro has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Journal and is a prolific writer, essayist, speaker, author and scholar.


Free Book from The Times Book Review, by Michael Lewis Free eBook Michael Lewis is the author of The Blind Side: How America Was Saved from Terrorism, How Trump Won the Election and The Unintended Consequences of his Presidency.


Free Books from The American Scholar, by Steven Pressfield Free eBook Steven Pressfields newest book The American Reader: A Global History of American Literature is a guidebook to American literature since 1839, which features a selection of works by and about Americans who shaped our national identity and culture.


Free Kindle from The Book Review Daily, by Robert Jackson Free eBook Robert Jackson is the creator of the critically acclaimed and award-winning podcast The Book Critic and author of many other books including The Way We Are: How the United States Was Created, What America’s Future Holds, The Best American Writing of the Century, The Great American Novel and The Great British Novel.


Free Free eBook, by Elizabeth Gilbert Free eBook Elizabeth Gilbert is a professor of English and professor of journalism at American University.

Her latest book is A Short History of America: An Atlas of Our Countrys History and Culture.


Free free ebook, by Jodi Picoult Free eBook Jodi Poult is the co-founder of the popular podcast Jodi.

Free podcast Jodie Poult co-created the podcast Jody and Amanda with former NPR co-hosts Ari Shapiro and Carrie Brownstein.


Free paperback ebook from Booktopia, by Joanna Robinson Free eBook Joanna’s new book, What a Book: A Memoir, is an account of her life as a novelist, from the days she was a child growing up in Los Angeles to her first published book, My Father, My Wife, My Lover.


Free Amazon ebook from Amazon, by Daniel G. Wilson Free eBook Daniel Wilson is a novelist whose debut novel, The Last of the Mohicans, was the #1 New York City bestseller in 2013.


Free audiobook, by James Patterson Free eBook James Patterson is a New York native who’s written over 60 books and many more short stories, poetry, playwrights, plays and essays.


Free books from Amazon Free eBook The Best Free eBooks for Kids and Teens on Amazon, a collection of free books available for teens, teens, tweens, preschoolers and pre-teens.


Free online book from Book Riot Free eBook Book Riot is a bookseller and publisher that offers hundreds of titles to kids and young adults.


Free audio book, by Joe Raedle, Jr. Free Audible book Joe Rae is the founder of the Joe Raingle Foundation and the host of the radio and television program The Joe Raichel Show.


Free mp3 book from WOW!

Free eBook From the publisher of the award-nominated documentary How I Met Your Mother, comes a free audio book about the life and career of Ted Danson, creator of Family Guy.


Free Audiobook from The WOW Podcast, by Ben Kuchera Free eBook Ben Kuchner is a writer and filmmaker, whose work includes the HBO series Inside Llewyn Davis, the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and the