Free ebook,ebooks,free,free-ebooks,ebook free source Digital Trends title Free ebook eBook Bundles Are Coming — Just Look for Them at Amazon article Free ebooks are now available in the digital format, and Amazon is offering free eBooks for the first time in its history.

Amazon has partnered with ebook reseller Wattpad to bring free ebook deals to the company’s platform.

The deal, announced on Monday, comes at a time when the company is looking to bring more deals to its customers.

Amazon has previously been selling deals on the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and iPad for less than $1 per ebook.

Wattpad, a subsidiary of ebook reselling company Bookish, is a subsidiary owned by Amazon.

It is also a distributor of Kindle books, which is why it is offering discounts for the deal.

Watts app is a simple ebook reader that also allows users to track how many pages are in an ebook and track how much time they spend reading.

It offers features such as bookmarking, reading recommendations, and tagging free ereaders.

It has a free version and a paid version, which are both available to Kindle owners.

Wats app, which launched in March, has already become a hit with the masses.

Its reviews have been extremely positive, and it has more than 12 million downloads.