The world’s largest e-book publisher, which has been trying to keep up with Amazon’s rise in ebook sales, is offering free Artemis ebooks to everyone who buys one of its ebooks.

The first book to be made available is a collection of essays by poet and activist Cécile Renard and a documentary by journalist and activist Anne Applebaum.

The company said on Monday that it will offer a free copy of a book published in 2010, the acclaimed essay “What’s My Story?” by the poet David Foster Wallace.

“We are proud to celebrate a brilliant author and her work and offer it to all of our readers in its entirety,” said Artemis CEO Scott Ritter.

The essay was a winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and was about a group of people who have lost their sense of identity and are living in a world where people are so used to having their stories told that they do not think to ask about them.

“It’s a powerful book and we hope it inspires others to ask the same questions that Cégile and Anne asked of themselves and others who have been marginalized by the system,” said Ritter, who is also chairman of the board.

The Artemis website is giving people the chance to get the free eBook by sending a request to the company.

The free eBook will be available for download for three weeks.

The new Artemis ebook, titled “The Art of Being,” will be released next month and is a collaboration between the company and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The book is about the relationship between art and the African American experience and is the first from the company that will be written in English.