The Bossypant is a bookseller that helps you find great ebooks for less than $5.

And they’ve been working with writers for years.

They also offer free ebook training, and have worked with authors for a number of years.

“When we launched in 2014, we were a little more new to ebooks.

We’d never heard of the Bossypanting before,” said Ben Gee, the co-founder and COO.

Gee and his team were able to get their foot in the door with a successful marketing campaign, and a team of five writers to help them make their mark on the industry.

The business was so successful that they’ve expanded to other bookstores and are now part of an organization called The Bossymants.

It has become one of the best selling ebooks on Amazon, with more than 20 million downloads in 2017.

“We’re an indie book publisher, so we’ve never really seen a publishing business like this before,” Gee said.

“There’s no way we would’ve been able to do it on our own.”

When they set out to build their company, Gee knew he wanted to hire writers.

“I knew that the industry was going to be changing so much that it would take us awhile to figure out how to adapt and become a better publishing company, so I figured we’d do it ourselves,” he said.

He wanted to do this with a “very traditional book business,” he explained.

“In a way, I think that the book business is a natural fit for Bossypanted because we’re a book business, and we have the book industry as a core part of our business.

The only real difference is that we are a book publisher.”

The team started by looking at book recommendations from other booksellers, and by looking for authors who could help them with marketing.

Then they narrowed it down to a few writers.

Gees said they looked for writers with books they loved.

“Our first target was a guy that had written for The Wall Street Journal,” he recalled.

“He said he had written three books in that year and had sold over 1 million books.”

The guys at Bossypantly took on the project.

“It was a lot of work to work with him, but he gave us some great feedback,” Gees told Fortune.

He was able to find two writers who fit the bill.

“The first guy was someone we knew in the book publishing industry.

He’s an amazing writer and really good at making great stories and great stories with great characters,” Gays said.

They got the other two writers on board.

Gays added that the writing experience was good, but that he couldn’t see them as an overnight success.

“If you’ve ever been on a deadline and just kind of failed, that’s what you do,” he continued.

“So I knew I was going in the wrong direction.”

The writers agreed to give them an hour a week to write for a week.

Then Gee started putting together a list of authors they were interested in.

“After about a month of writing, we had the writers we wanted, and then we started getting a couple of hundred emails a week,” Gies said.

The writing process is a good fit for the business, he said, because they’re able to hire the right people quickly.

They’re able, Gees explained, because the bookstores are so popular.

“People don’t really know about the business.

People don’t know the kind of people that are in the business,” Gues said.

Gies says the bookseller is looking to get into the digital book space as well.

“They’ve been really successful in the ebook space.

They’ve been successful with a lot more of those books than we have,” he added.

But they’re also looking to expand beyond that, he continued, adding that they are looking to hire more writers.

The BossyPants have been able find authors that are ready to take on the publishing business and are able to create the kind, diverse, and creative stories they want to tell.

“This is a new way of publishing, but I think there’s a lot people that could come along,” Gers said.