Microsoft has added a new way to stream games and films, Mindhunter ebook, free to download from the Microsoft Store for the next week.

Mindhunter, an original comedy series that is set in the dystopian future, is available on the Xbox and PlayStation Store and will be available for download tomorrow.

Mindhunters latest episode, “The New World Order,” was released earlier this month and has since become the number one iTunes download for the Xbox One.

Microsoft announced Mindhunter for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in December.

“This is a game that Microsoft wants to reach a broader audience, and we’re excited to make it available to anyone who is willing to spend time with it,” Microsoft said in a statement.

“Mindhunchers episodic episodes are a perfect way to explore Mindhunter’s darker side.”

Mindhunter’s episodic format allows for multiple play sessions to be shared on a single device, making it easy for fans to experience episodes of the show in a variety of ways.

The game’s creator, David Wain, recently revealed that the show is in fact a Netflix-like series and that the first episode will be a one-hour-long one-and-a-half-hour run.