A popular e-book for young people has been accused of having sex in animals.

The book, published by Penguin Books, has been removed from sale and is no longer available for purchase online.

It is not the first time Penguin has removed e-books for having too much sex with pets.

Last year, it was also removed from Amazon for having a number of sexually explicit images of animals, which were deemed too risqué.

In addition to the controversial images, the book also included photos of a horse and a cow, which led to a backlash from animal rights groups.

However, Penguin defended the book, telling The Independent: “We’re a small business and we can’t afford to be accused of sexual misconduct.”

The publisher said the images did not reflect the views of its customers, but instead were taken in an innocent way.

“We hope the public will be reassured that Penguin Books has a strong and strong message of inclusion and love in all things.”

The books in question do not reflect our company’s core values and they are neither intended nor intended to be sexually suggestive.

“For those who wish to purchase a copy of The Animals and I by Kate Millet, we encourage them to do so.”

A Penguin spokesperson said it was “confident” that the images in question were “appropriate” for a young adult reader, but added: “It is our policy not to publish anything in print that we deem inappropriate or inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18.”

However, a number people on social media have criticised the book for its depiction of animals and the use of animals in the book.

Some have criticised Penguin for its decision, saying the book was “tasteless”.

“Is it offensive to have a horse in the middle of a book?” one person wrote.

“Why does it have a cow in the back?” another asked.