Axios is the free e-book aggregator for guitar, bass, and piano that offers you a curated collection of free guitar and bass guitar lessons from the best of the best.

There’s no limit to the number of free songs you can download, so you’re bound to find something to get you started.

The Axios site includes free guitar lessons, lessons for bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano, and more.

It has more than 600 guitar lessons for free, and there’s even a dedicated free piano lesson section.

For bass, Axios has a complete listing of free bass lessons, and you can choose from a wide range of free lessons for guitar.

The lessons can be accessed in different formats including audio, PDF, audio book, video, or print.

You can also download individual lessons, or use the lessons as a free download for offline use.

Here are the free guitar, piano and bass lessons you can expect to find on Axios.1.

Free Guitar Lessons from Axiomatic2.

Free Bass Lessons from Ableton Live3.

Free Piano Lessons from The Great Dane4.

Free Mandolin Lessons from EKG5.

Free Banjo Lessons from Bass Player Magazine6.

Free Solo Guitar Lessons with the Axiologic Band7.

Free Music Lessons from the Free Guitar Band8.

Free Vocals Lessons with The Guitar Player Group9.

Free Drum Lessons with Musician Magazine10.

Free Jazz Guitar Lessons11.

Free Gospel Guitar Lessons12.

Free Country Lessons with Guitar Player Magazine13.

Free Dance Lessons with Dance Magazine14.

Free Hip Hop Lessons with Hip Hop Magazine15.

Free R&B Lessons with DJ Snake’s Hip Hop Music Academy16.

Free Contemporary Guitar Lessons17.

Free Rock Lessons18.

Free Classical Guitar Lessons19.

Free Blues Lessons20.

Free Pop Songs21.

Free Alternative Rock Lessons22.

Free Indie Rock Lessons23.

Free EDM Lessons24.

Free Bollywood Guitar Lessons25.

Free Rap Lessons26.

Free Classic Rock Lessons27.

Free Trap Lessons28.

Free Electronic Music Lessons29.

Free Experimental Rock Lessons30.

Free Hardcore Guitar Lessons31.

Free Reggae Lessons32.

Free Folk Rock Lessons33.

Free Techno Guitar Lessons34.

Free Dubstep Lessons35.

Free Modern Jazz Lessons36.

Free Chillgressive Guitar Lessons37.

Free Garage Band Lessons38.

Free Disco Guitar Lessons39.

Free House Party Lessons40.

Free Funk & R&b Lessons41.

Free Electronica Lessons42.

Free Soul and Rock Lessons43.

Free Black Metal Lessons44.

Free Motörhead Lessons45.

Free Metal Lessons for Kids46.

Free Electro-Pop Lessons47.

Free Trance Lessons48.

Free DnB Lessons49.

Free Psychedelic Rock Lessons50.

Free Roots & Roots Music Lessons51.

Free Tech House Lessons52.

Free Progressive Rock Lessons53.

Free Heavy Metal Lessons54.

Free Thrash Metal Lessons55.

Free Punk Lessons56.

Free Glam Rock Lessons57.

Free Groove Music Lessons58.

Free Hard Rock Lessons59.

Free Beach House Lessons60.

Free Off-the-Wall Lessons61.

Free Chiptunes Lessons62.

Free Digital Songs63.

Free Web Music Lessons64.

Free Audiobooks65.

Free Mobile Apps66.

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