Kobo is adding free ebook covers to its baseball ebook collection.

The company is updating its MLB baseball ebook for free, but its free MLB ebook cover has been updated with the cover image of the MLB team.

The MLB Baseball ebooks are available for purchase in digital and physical formats for $4.99 each, though there’s a $2.99 price difference for the MLB MLB ebook and MLB Baseball Baseball Baseball Edition.

The free MLB cover is one of three Kobo MLB MLB ebooks to be updated with an updated cover image.

The other two are the MLB 2016 MLB eBooks and the MLB 2017 MLB eBook.

Kobo has been updating its baseball eBooks since last month.

Kobo MLB Baseball ebook covers have already been featured on the cover of The Next Big Thing: A Baseball Book, a book about baseball in 2020, as well as in The Next BIG Thing: Baseball: A History, a collection of essays and reviews on the history of the sport.

Kobos MLB baseball ebook cover image comes from a cover image Kobo debuted at E3 2017, where it unveiled the MLB Baseball 2017 MLB ebook.