Free ebooks will be made available in homes and workplaces across the country in coming months, the UK government has announced.

The Home Office has announced it will start requiring people to download free ebooks to their smart phones, tablets and laptops and to download them to their computer.

The government hopes to have a free e-book app for every UK household by 2021.

The app will offer a range of books and ebooks, including new and existing titles, to all users, and will also include a list of the most downloaded e-books and links to purchase them.

The Government will also be providing support for local libraries to offer ebooks for free to anyone.

“Our digital economy has transformed the way people work, travel and live, and is enabling people to work, learn and share,” a spokesperson said.

“We are committed to helping to deliver a world-class digital economy where everyone can benefit, not just the few at the top.”

The announcement follows the launch of a new digital strategy that includes the introduction of ebooks as a free service.

It comes after the Home Office announced plans to launch an ebook reading app, which will allow anyone to download ebooks from the UK Library of Parliament.

“This is the right time to make sure people have access to books as well as information,” the Home Secretary Amber Rudd said. 

“The library is a vital resource for a range in the library system and people who need access to the books in their collections can use their smart phone, tablet or laptop.”

These are the most popular titles we can offer.

People who download these will be able to access them on a range and time of the day.

“In April, the Home Department launched a new website where users can download free online ebooks.