The 10 Most Important Things You Should Know About Amazon Kindle eBooks

The 10 most important things you should know about Amazon Kindle ebook programs are:1.You can get paid to read the books, and you can also get paid for not reading the books.But Amazon says it will take care of the rest.2.The Amazon Kindle program is not an offer.You will not be paid for any books […]

How to use the free solar ebook for free online in Israel

On Sunday, a group of Jewish leaders wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to give the Israel Solar Association a free solar book, which they claim would enable Jewish communities to become “more financially secure.”“This is a real gift,” said Rabbi Daniel Shaul of the Union for Reform Judaism.“The solar is a tool […]

Apple’s new ebook subscription service is really cool

New York magazine is reporting that Apple has officially launched its new ebook service, Miragood, in the United Kingdom. Miragood’s first offering, Free eBook, is free to use for non-Apple devices, while Free iPad, Free iPod, and Free iPad Pro all cost $1.99 a month, and a $9.99 annual subscription fee. The service includes more than 1,200 […]

Why you should buy The Naked Gun by Seth MacFarlane

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Seth Macfarlane comic book, but when I did I had no idea I’d be reading the best crime novel ever written.The Naked Gang, a collection of short stories and short stories in one volume, has a certain sensibility that seems to have been imprinted on MacFarlanes mind.When he […]

The Man Who Saved American Culture, the Man Who Built It

By Stephen F. HayesPublished Apr 02, 2019 06:00AMAuthor Stephen F Hayes is the founder of the blog Bunnicula, and he’s written a number of books about the history of the culture industry.He’s also a regular contributor to Forbes, Business Insider, The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, and Slate.In this episode, Hayes talks […]

How to Use an iPad to Read Books

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The best free ebook titles on

If you’ve read anything on this site in the past year, you know that the majority of the content I read was free.But, you’ve probably seen this headline, and it makes me want to throw my phone into the air and scream “WTF?!”It’s a very real and very sad situation.I can’t even begin to count […]