The Necrono-Ebook is the next generation of the world’s most popular ebook and the most anticipated ebook ever created.

With the Necro-Ebooks’ intuitive design and easy to use ebook-reading interface, you can easily create your own content with the Necromicon.

Its features include: • Unique and highly intuitive interface for easy ebook reading.

• An exclusive new theme called Necronomicomicon that allows you to create your very own content.

• A powerful set of customization tools to give you complete control over your ebook creation.

• Easy access to all of the most popular anime and manga books, such as: Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more.

• New “A-Book” book that you can choose to add to your eBook collection.

• Support for a new, redesigned, and enhanced Necronomics ebook reader for iPad and iPhone devices.