– New Zealand is in for a shock as a new online sex toys company has failed to register the trademark for the phrase “MADDEN” in a trademark application. 

The trademark application filed by “The Ultimate MADDEN”, a division of New Zealand-based company “Fangirl”, was submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs and Communications on Thursday, the official agency website said on Thursday. 

“The MADDENDER brand has become synonymous with sexual liberation and the empowerment of women in the past decade,” it added. 

Fangirling is a porn company that has been selling a range of devices including “The Maddenders” vibrators, which were designed by the late David Cameron’s mother. 

Its founder, Jason M. King, told the New Zealand Herald that his company had not applied for the trademark to use in Australia or New Zealand. 

MADDENDERS’ MARKETING PROBLEMS NEWZUKIYA, N.Y. — A trademark application by a company named The Ultimate Maddening has been rejected in New Zealand for the term “Maddening”, according to an announcement by the department on Thursday that said the application was submitted in error.

The department said it did not know when or where it made the error, which the department said was due to the fact that “The Ultimatums’ product descriptions were in error.” 

The department did not say how it had made the mistake.

The Ultimates website and its mobile app are available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The company is based in New York City and has offices in Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai.

The is also based in Sydney and Hong Kong. was founded in 2013 in Australia and is the largest sex toy manufacturer in the world.

Its products include a line of silicone, leather and glass bondage and sadomasochistic toys.

Last year, a United Nations committee warned that the sale of adult products in Australia is “a source of significant risk” to children.

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But MADDINDERS is unlikely to have much trouble with the Australian courts.

A spokesman for the Department said that the agency had no comment.