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What to read in 2017:1.

The Best Movies of 2017- The Top 10 films of 2017 are revealed, the top movies from the past, and a lot more.2.

What to read online in 2017- Free online dictionaries and more.3.

The Most Innovative Apps of 2017 4.

What are the best books of 2017?


How to start learning a new language: The language skills course, for the beginner, is here.


How the world got started in 2016: From the first word to the first sound, we take you step by step through the journey.7.

The 10 Most Influential People in 2017, 2017′s biggest and best.


How Google Translate is changing how we communicate.9.

What’s new in 2017?10.

The Top Ten New Movies of the Year