A few years ago, a lot of people were excited by the new, mobile-friendly and much more customizable Kindle, but now there’s a lot more to be excited about.

These are some of the best books for 2017.


The Art of Fiction: The Art, Science, and History of Fiction by David Foster Wallace is a book that, as a fan of fiction, I wanted to read every day for at least a week.

As a fiction writer, this book is one of the most important books to me, and I am a huge fan of Wallace’s writing.

You’ll find a lot in here to make your writing sound more authentic, and it is well worth the time to read.

It is well researched and covers the history of writing, science, and literature.

I highly recommend reading this book as part of your research for your own books.


The Big Short: The Rise of the Great Recession and How It Could Be Stopped by Paul Krugman is another good read.

Krugman is one the smartest people on the planet, and he is a writer who knows how to make a good story and make a great story.

This book is great for those who want to read about how the economy collapsed.


The Power of Now: How the United States Can Become the Global Leader on Climate Change by Naomi Klein is another one of my favorites, and this book was written by an award-winning journalist who has been called “the most important journalist of our time.”

This book covers a lot, and she uses her vast knowledge to create a very clear and informative narrative that shows the impact of climate change on our society.

I strongly recommend reading Klein’s book, especially for those of you who are concerned about the impact climate change will have on the economy and our world.


The Rise and Fall of the American Century by Michael Hudson is a great read for anyone interested in American history, including the Civil War, the founding of the United State, the first presidency, the Civil Rights Movement, the Great Depression, and the Great Awakening.

This is a well researched book that provides an overview of American history and how it shaped our country.

It covers the Civil war, the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the Depression, World War I, World Wars II, the Vietnam War, and is an incredibly well-rounded history of our country and its people.


The End of Work by David E. Sanger is another great book.

This one is about a book called The End, written by Sanger.

It explains how automation and the global economic system are destroying our jobs and destroying our way of life.

The book tells a very well researched story that tells the story of how automation is destroying jobs, and how automation threatens our lives.

Sangers is a very smart and insightful person and I highly suggest reading this one as well.


The Great Gatsby by Ayn Rand is another book that I recommend.

This famous book tells the tale of a group of people who come together to try and change the world.

This has always been one of Rand’s best read, and her books are great for reading as well as entertaining.

This story is also the story that I’ve read most often about the world’s economic crisis, and a lot has been written about the economic crisis and the future of humanity.


The Good Wife by Judy Woodruff is another smart book.

Woodruff tells the stories of three women who get a chance to be on the other side of the law in the world of The Good Woman.

This show has always resonated with me, but Woodruff does an excellent job of telling the story, as well, of the women who have come to court on the side of justice and the world they have created.


The Death and Life of Great American Writers by Michael Porter is another wonderful book.

It tells the history and the life of the greatest American writer, and one of his favorite books is the book that is also my favorite of his: The American Novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

I really enjoy this book, and even though I am not a huge Hawthorne fan, I really do appreciate the book.


The Little Prince by Toni Morrison is another excellent book.

Morrison’s books are filled with humor, heart, and love, and The Little Princess is one great book that we need to read for any one who is interested in learning more about her life.


The Book of Life by James Patterson is another best book of 2017.

Patterson is a brilliant writer who is also a great person to read, particularly because of the book he wrote with his wife.

This really does tell the story about how our species has developed and evolved over time.

Patterson really makes you feel like you are reading his book.


The Last Great Battle: How America Will Survive the Apocalypse by Nick Turse is another well researched read that tells a lot about the United Kingdom.

I’ve always loved the way that Turse has