If you’ve read anything on this site in the past year, you know that the majority of the content I read was free.

But, you’ve probably seen this headline, and it makes me want to throw my phone into the air and scream “WTF?!”

It’s a very real and very sad situation.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times people on Amazon’s site have been disappointed with their free ebook purchases, or simply have stopped buying them entirely.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, of course.

Just like with Amazon’s Kindle, you can see this problem coming up a few times a year. 

The problem is, we’re seeing more and more of it. 

Recently, we heard a rumor that Amazon was testing a new Kindle Prime program, dubbed the “Book of the Month.”

It seems like Amazon’s Prime members can now opt in for unlimited access to their Kindle’s Kindle Library.

In addition to being able to buy books at their normal price, Amazon Prime members will also get access to Amazon’s exclusive Kindle books and audiobooks catalogs.

The only downside to this is that they will not be able to purchase books at the regular retail price, but that’s not much of a drawback compared to the other issues Amazon is facing.

Amazon is still experimenting with ways to keep people from jumping ship, and this new program has already proven to be successful.

The average price of a Kindle Book of the Year in September was $2.99, and a new one just released is already the top-selling Kindle on Amazon for October.

Amazon has been steadily improving its ebooks selection and the price of their free books has remained constant.

But what if Amazon was able to bring back the book of the month in an even more favorable way?

This is where the “New Kindle” comes in.

A new Kindle Book and audiobook are being introduced each month, and the only difference between them is that each of them has a different price.

These are the new Kindle Books and audiobs, and they’re also being added to the Kindle Library, but the new ones will be priced at a more reasonable price. 

If you are a regular Amazon Prime member, you will have access to all of these new Kindle books.

If you are not a member of Amazon Prime, however, you’ll be able only to purchase these books through the Kindle Store.

You will be able read all of them, of which there are some very good ones to choose from, but it’s not like they are guaranteed to be good. 

I’m sure Amazon will try to bring these books back to a more normal price with the new eBook, but I just can’t imagine how Amazon would get rid of them if it tried to do so.

I understand the desire to save money on your purchases, but how would this affect the average Amazon Prime user?

I know a lot of my Amazon Prime customers are very active on Amazon Prime.

Some of them are reading the best books on the site and others are simply browsing.

It would seem that most Amazon Prime subscribers would be fine with a book with a slightly lower price and the ability to read the same book again and again for a more regular price, and that would be a welcome change.