I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Seth Macfarlane comic book, but when I did I had no idea I’d be reading the best crime novel ever written.

The Naked Gang, a collection of short stories and short stories in one volume, has a certain sensibility that seems to have been imprinted on MacFarlanes mind.

When he first read it, he wrote in his review that he “didn’t think there would be a story about a man with an obsession with a dead girl and a dog, or a boy who loves cats and has a dog that he has to keep alive and then tries to eat cats”.

His writing is as witty and intelligent as the characters he creates.

When it comes to writing, MacFarrans art is as good as it gets, with a distinct style that evokes the early 20th century.

The book is available on Amazon.com and is priced at $24.99.

I bought the first volume of The Naked Guns and it’s a really good read.

You don’t have to wait to get to the action.

This one is short, but it’s worth the wait.

I was impressed.

The title itself is not an easy one to describe, but the story’s structure and pacing is pretty well done.

MacFars storytelling is not for everyone, and it is not necessarily meant for kids.

But the stories in this collection are good enough to recommend.

 The Naked Gang is available to buy on Amazon Prime and at Amazon.co.uk and Barnes & Noble.com.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Naked Gun: Volume 1 is a collection in which MacFarren writes short stories about characters who have no interest in hunting or fighting.

Mac Farrans first serialized book was the short-lived comic book series The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

His first short story collection, The Naked Detective, was published in 1977.

In 1988, Mac Farlans published the short story collections, The Adventures Of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.

The series was adapted into the 1987 movie Spider-man and starred Michael Keaton.