On Sunday, a group of Jewish leaders wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to give the Israel Solar Association a free solar book, which they claim would enable Jewish communities to become “more financially secure.”

“This is a real gift,” said Rabbi Daniel Shaul of the Union for Reform Judaism.

“The solar is a tool that enables us to become financially secure, and it enables us as Jews to be a more prosperous nation.”

The solar book is available for download at the solar association’s website, as well as through other websites and through the Israel Electric Corporation.

Shaul told The Jerusalem Times that while the solar book has been free for the past two years, it’s only recently been made available to the public.

“We’ve been trying for a long time to make it available to people in Israel,” he said.

“When you see the pictures, it seems to be very hard to get this book.”

While the solar group’s website does not have a download button, Shaul said that they would be happy to share their download link with other Jewish communities.

“I hope the solar is also a tool for Israel, for the Jewish community, for our country,” he added.

The Israel Solar Alliance was founded in 2005 to promote solar energy in the Jewish state.

It currently has around 60 members across the country.

While it has only been in existence for about two years since it began, Shul said the group has already reached the point where the solar will be a “key part of our society.”

Shaul added that he hopes the solar project will also help the Jewish economy, and said that he would encourage anyone who is interested in solar energy to sign up for the solar program.

“We have this great opportunity for the world to be more prosperous, for Jews to become more financially secure and for Jews who are in this community to be financially secure,” he explained.

“That is why we are working on this project.”

Ariel Harel contributed to this report.