Greece’s biggest publishing house has called on all publishers to organise free ebooks to mobilise supporters in Greece.

The Greek publishing house Einikos announced the initiative on Wednesday, saying that its customers are also “under attack” by publishers.

Einakos is owned by the publishing group Pelikan, which has a large presence in Greece, and has a presence in several other countries, including Austria and Germany.

In Greece, the company has also published a book titled The Greek Economy Is Being Lost: How To Save Our Economy From A Massive Recession.

“The government and its agencies are attacking all of our publishers and writers, because they don’t want the Greek people to know that they’re not the only ones in need,” Einankos said in a statement on Wednesday.

“They are trying to silence our voices, to hide behind fake news.

The only way to defend our livelihood is to organise the ebooks.”

The publisher also noted that the book is free, so why not take a freebie?

Eininikus also urged the public to donate to the Greek government’s campaign against the corruption and austerity measures of the government, which it claims is based on “unconstitutional austerity measures”.

“The Greek government is attacking all the publishers and publishers are taking a free ebook to mobilisation in the country, because the people want to mobilised them and we will not be silenced,” Einarakis said.

“We have a duty to defend the rights of our readers, and to keep the rights to the e-books.

So, we have decided to write a book on the topic and share it with all our readers.”

The publishers said that it will be published in English in April 2018, but the book will also be available in Greek in the meantime.

The authors behind the book, meanwhile, also expressed support for the initiative.

“In Greece, there are only a handful of publishers and they have all gone bankrupt, and they donĀ“t have any books anymore,” Eirinakis said in the statement.

“But they’re going to fight the government.

We are ready to help them, to give them support, to organise and organise and organize.

And we will write a big book on it.

So the next time, I will help them and will publish a book.

And if we do it well, we can save all of the publishers from the attack.”

Free ebooks are a popular strategy in Greece in recent years.

Greece’s new government has been pushing for a number of austerity measures, including cutting taxes, increasing the minimum wage and cutting public sector wages.

In response, some publishers have been forced to lower prices, which some argue is an attempt to force their readers to pay more for books.