Carrie and Her Kindle: The Most Popular Book on the Net (and the Best Kindle)

Carrie Fisher was once again in demand, this time with an ebook that offers her thoughts on life and love and how to make the most of them.But this time it’s on the Kindle.The new Carrie Fisher: The Complete Adventures of Carrie Fisher and Friends, available for purchase on Amazon’s Kindle Store, includes everything you […]

How to Get Free Books for Your Kids

Posted November 21, 2018 08:59:10Free ebooks for childrens and kids can be a great way to learn, according to the International Textbook Association.The organization released a new survey of ebooks on Wednesday, which found that for all age groups, children’s ebooks are still a great option to read and that most parents find free eBooks […]

How to make free eBooks free on the Kindle for your Kindle readers

eBooks on the Google Play store are free, even if you don’t like free books.You can get an email when you get your Kindle to send you an alert that says “Your eBook is now FREE to download on the app.”You’ll then have to sign up for an account on the website, which will charge […]

How to get tattooed and print free eBooks online: Why you should care

The free ebook world has changed dramatically since I first started buying and printing eBooks.Today, ebooks can be purchased online for about 10% of the cost of traditional printed books.And as I discovered when I started experimenting with my own artwork, free e-books can have a huge impact on your ability to read and write.For […]

When a dentist gets paid for a new product, it makes a difference

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Book Review: The Art of Dealing With the Existential Crisis

By now, most people are familiar with the idea that a life worth living depends on the quality of your relationships.When you’re young, this is easy to imagine, but when you’re older, it becomes a much more complicated situation.And while you might have thought that the relationship you built with your parents, who were deeply […]

How to Play a New Superhero, Part 1

The next wave of super-heroes has arrived.And it’s all about superpowers.How do you get them?By building your own super-powers.The next step: Superheroes.For this installment, we’ll look at one of the most important elements of superhero comics today, the super-powered hero: the cape.The cape is a symbol of power.It’s the symbol of a character’s character.It tells […]

Ebook Free eBook Contest: 5 of the Best Free eBooks Online, 2017

Free ebooks are now the gold standard for reading and sharing content online, but they can be a costly endeavor.To help make the process easier and less expensive, a new program is looking to take the free ebook process a step further.The, a site aimed at ebooks and other e-books, is looking for submissions […]

Free ebooks for Vietnamese fans

Vietnamese fans can enjoy free ebook downloads of free baseball books, as the country has been hit by a severe flu pandemic.Free eBooks for Vietnamese Fans: Free Baseball Ebooks and Free e-books for Vietnam are available for download for download and print online at all e-bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks, […]