Amazon has opened a new Kindle store in India with the aim of making it easier for Indian consumers to buy ebooks for less than Rs 1,000, and for less money.

According to Amazon India, the new Kindle app, which launched on Wednesday, is “a great way to get free Kindle ebooks.”

The app also offers free Kindle books for “all kinds of ebook readers including the Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, and Fire HD.”

The company says users can access more than 50,000 titles and buy more than 100,000 books through the new store.

The app, currently only available in English, is also being offered in Hindi and Telugu.

The store will open on November 18.

The Indian government, meanwhile, has issued a directive to all booksellers to provide free ebooks in Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, and English.

The e-books must be purchased from Amazon India or its partners.