New York Giants defensive lineman Eric Reid has an ebook deal.

According to a report from’s Mike Garafolo, Reid’s Free eBook subscription service has now been signed up with Scribd, the digital publishing platform Reid previously used to publish his books, including the critically acclaimed, The Ultimate Book Club.

In addition to his own Scribd ebook, Reid will be getting his own eBook, titled Eric Reid’s Superbook, which is being written by NFL Network’s Jeffri Chadiha.

That’s a nice little addition to Reid’s library.

As for the rest of his books?

Reid has a long list of other authors to choose from, including ESPN’s Adam Schefter, author of the upcoming book The Man Behind the Shield, The NFL Insider, and The Big Short.

His other works include the 2014 book, The End of an Era, the 2016 book The Price of Loyalty, and the 2014 biography, The Rise of the Warrior.

The book deal will give Reid access to some of the best content on the internet, including a new interview with NFL Network reporter Mike Garavano.

Garavano, a former NFL player and writer, previously spoke with Reid about his books and the NFL and its owners, including Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The two also talked about Reid’s role in the NFL, which he describes as the most successful sports league in history.

“There’s a lot of players who have been in the league, but they don’t have a voice, and they don�t have a platform to share their story,” Reid said.

“I feel like it�s my job to be a voice for all of those guys.

I don�ve ever been more passionate about what it�ll take to get the game back on track.”

As for how the new contract will affect Reid’s workload, Garavino told Garafololo that he can expect him to be able to do some of his old stuff in addition to writing some of Reid�s new material.

Reid also said he feels more comfortable doing what he does now.

“I think I’m more comfortable now than I was a year ago, just in terms of getting my work done,” Reid told Garavo.

“When I did what I do now, it was not very enjoyable.

I feel like I’m getting a lot more done and enjoying it now.”

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