Posted November 21, 2018 08:59:10Free ebooks for childrens and kids can be a great way to learn, according to the International Textbook Association.

The organization released a new survey of ebooks on Wednesday, which found that for all age groups, children’s ebooks are still a great option to read and that most parents find free eBooks as a great solution for their kids.

The survey asked parents how they use ebooks and the results are intriguing.

More than half of parents reported that they use them for homework, which is good news.

More than one-quarter of parents used them for their reading lists, which suggests that children are eager to read the content on their own.

More importantly, more than half said they used ebooks to teach their children to read, a finding that can be helpful for those with limited English.

Parents reported using ebooks as a way to introduce their children.

In total, more children than parents reported using free ebook as their main method of learning.

About half of kids (51%) said they read at least one book in their home over the course of the year, while about half of adults (47%) also read books in their homes.

Children’s free ereaders are available in several languages, with Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish as the most common.

The survey also asked parents about the types of books they were most excited about reading, including fantasy, science fiction and nonfiction.

While the most popular type of book for kids was fantasy, more parents also read nonfiction (30%), science fiction (24%), fantasy (18%) and horror (15%).

The most common genre for parents to read were action/adventure (23%), romance (19%) and comedy (18%).

Free ebook sales continue to increase across all ages.

A recent report from the Pew Research Center found that sales of ereados have increased significantly over the past year.

With the number of books in circulation rising, ebook purchases will continue to be a way for people to learn and get information.