How to get fit and healthy without your iPhone and iPad – The Musclehead 320 ebook

In an attempt to cut down on energy intake, you may be able to ditch your smartphone for a new one.Musclehead320 has launched a fitness eBook on the Amazon Kindle called Musclehead.You can download the book from the website or purchase it for $1.99.It comes with the following tips for using your smartphone: Be patient […]

How to use a 3D printer to create your own 3D printed Christmas tree

A 3D-printed Christmas tree made out of recycled plastic from a supermarket was designed to look like an old-fashioned tree, but it’s not the traditional Christmas tree you’re after.It’s called a ‘Tree-Maker’ and it looks like a tree from a grocery store.But this isn’t a tree that’s being produced for Christmas, but one made for […]

Porn is FREE, but not as free as it seems: Free, but with a few caveats

Wired Free eBook Now: Porn is Free, But Not as Free as It Seems (Viral ebook, Dictionary Free ebook) The article in Wired magazine features a short story by John Updike.It was originally published in December, 2010, in the anthology The Book of Ideas, edited by Charles M. Schulz.This excerpt, titled “I’d Rather Be Naked,” […]