How to get fit and healthy without your iPhone and iPad – The Musclehead 320 ebook

In an attempt to cut down on energy intake, you may be able to ditch your smartphone for a new one.Musclehead320 has launched a fitness eBook on the Amazon Kindle called Musclehead.You can download the book from the website or purchase it for $1.99.It comes with the following tips for using your smartphone: Be patient […]

How to use a 3D printer to create your own 3D printed Christmas tree

A 3D-printed Christmas tree made out of recycled plastic from a supermarket was designed to look like an old-fashioned tree, but it’s not the traditional Christmas tree you’re after.It’s called a ‘Tree-Maker’ and it looks like a tree from a grocery store.But this isn’t a tree that’s being produced for Christmas, but one made for […]

Porn is FREE, but not as free as it seems: Free, but with a few caveats

Wired Free eBook Now: Porn is Free, But Not as Free as It Seems (Viral ebook, Dictionary Free ebook) The article in Wired magazine features a short story by John Updike.It was originally published in December, 2010, in the anthology The Book of Ideas, edited by Charles M. Schulz.This excerpt, titled “I’d Rather Be Naked,” […]

How to Get Free Books for Your Kids

Posted November 21, 2018 08:59:10Free ebooks for childrens and kids can be a great way to learn, according to the International Textbook Association.The organization released a new survey of ebooks on Wednesday, which found that for all age groups, children’s ebooks are still a great option to read and that most parents find free eBooks […]

Mindhunter ebook ebook free for non-digital readers

FREE eBook Mindhunter is the award-winning crime series starring Emmy-winning writer/director Tim Minear.The series is about a series of cases that start when a mentally unstable young woman is kidnapped and held captive by a man known as “The Mindhunter”.The series was written by Minear, based on the book by Dan Simmons, who also penned […]

How the German PPL can help you get your book published in the UK

Free ebooks available for free in Germany as part of a drive to promote the release of German authors on UK ebook platforms.The free ebook format, which was introduced in 2018, is a form of e-book publishing that was originally designed to help authors create ebooks on their own, as a means to encourage them […]

How to use a free ebook in Google Drive and Gmail

Google Drive, the cloud-based digital storage service, is giving some users the ability to download and use their own free ebooks.Google is rolling out a new feature in Drive that allows users to download free eBooks in the cloud for free.The feature is called Free Seo ebook.Users can download the Free Seos ebook and then […]

‘You can be a feminist, but you can’t be a racist’: New ‘White Lives Matter’ group demands justice

The “White Lives Matters” movement has launched an unprecedented campaign calling for justice for people of color in the U.S., which it says is “unacceptable” that so many white people are killed at the hands of police.The “Black Lives Matter” group, which has sprung up since last week, is one of several groups that are […]

What you need to know about the ‘fiscal cliff’

“It’s an incredibly important time for the world.And we’re all in this together.”-Canada’s finance minister, Jim Flaherty.The world is on edge, with the world’s financial system reeling from a sharp drop in world oil prices and a global recession that’s been grinding on.The world has to take the necessary steps to make sure the economy […]