How to read Artemis ebook free

The world’s largest e-book publisher, which has been trying to keep up with Amazon’s rise in ebook sales, is offering free Artemis ebooks to everyone who buys one of its ebooks.The first book to be made available is a collection of essays by poet and activist Cécile Renard and a documentary by journalist and activist […]

Google search results for ‘free ebook’ and ‘relentlessly ebook’ free, free ebook search

Search results for “free ebook” and “relentlessness ebook” are dominated by the word “free” and the word “.eBook”, both of which are the keywords for “eBook”.This is because these words are the only two search results that are relevant to “free eBooks”.“free eBook” is the only one of these that will match the query for […]

The 10 best free ebooks for kids and teens on

We’re just a few months into Amazon Prime’s free trial period, and the company’s ebooks are still growing.But we’ve noticed that its free trial doesn’t always lead to great content, and sometimes the best books that have been reviewed here on The Wall St. Journal have not been available.We’ve compiled a list of the best […]

Why You Should Get Your Free eBook for Free from Amazon and Flipkart

Flipkard, the online retailer that owns Amazon and Amazon Prime, has revealed that it will offer free ebooks from its own platform, Flipkarts, for the first time ever.The offer is part of Flipkards ‘ first major deal in the US to offer free ebook books from publishers that are part of its online library.Flipkart, the […]

Apple’s ebook-selling platform is back on top of Amazon and Amazon Prime

Apple’s online ebook-buying platform, the iTunes Store, is still the No. 1 digital platform, according to new data from Nielsen, according with the data released Tuesday.Apple’s overall digital sales rose 8 percent to $865 million in the third quarter, while Amazon’s sales rose 13 percent to just shy of $2.1 billion.The report marks a big […]

When the U.S. becomes the world’s leading supplier of free ebooks: That means the world will get free e-books

By Emily SchumannThe Americanah ebook is free, and that means it’s good for everyone.That’s according to the company, which announced Tuesday that it will be the first publisher in the world to offer the e-book for free.Americanah, founded in 2011 by former Apple co-founder Peter Thiel, says it is a subsidiary of the same company […]

Free Nursing eBooks: A comprehensive guide for nursing students and parents

Free nursing eBooks are a valuable resource for nursing and family members.The articles below are a quick guide to a few free nursing resources for families, nursing students, and parents.Read more about free nursing books here.Free Nursing Resources For Nursing Students & Parents First, let’s review the categories of free nursing and nursing resources available […]