What Is Macroeconomics? – The Definitive Guide to Macroeconomists

What Is The World Economy?– What Does It Look Like?– Macroeconomical FAQ – Macroeconomic Analysis: The Basics – Macro Economy: An Introduction – Macro Economics: An International Edition – Macro Economics: A Primer – Macro Basics – Microeconomics – Macro Business: An Overview – Macro Macro Business – Macro Capital Markets: A Quick Overview – […]

‘It’s a shame’: UK launches ‘Digital Freedom Day’ to celebrate digital freedoms

Free ebook 3000 is a free e-book that lets you discover and read free content on the web and social media.It’s available from Amazon and B&N for £1.49.The book was created by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), and is part of the FSF’s Digital Freedom Day, a global celebration of free software, open source and […]

How to download free ebook file for the iPad

By accessing a free ebook, a reader can view it offline, view it on their phone, or download it to their computer for offline viewing or downloading.It’s a new way of accessing information for users, as ebooks are a vital part of many people’s digital lives.But they’re also a major headache for those with data […]

How to pay for your own ebooks without using a credit card

Ebook prices are going up in the US, and they’re going up even faster in the UK.We’ve already seen the rise in ebook prices in the United Kingdom, but we’ve also seen them in Australia, Canada, and Germany.Here’s how to avoid paying for an ebook without using credit cards.If you’re in the U.S. and you […]