Free ebooks: Aarp’s free eBooks are here to stay

Free eBooks: AARP’s free online books are here for all to enjoy, according to a new report.According to The Verge, the popular e-book distribution company is expanding its free e-books offerings to include the free PCMBA and PCMMBtoday ebooks.Both the free downloads offer can be found on Amazon, as well as other online retailers.The PCMBO […]

Free nursing ebook: The faithlife Bible is the best ebook for faithlife readers

Free nursing ebook: The Faithlife Bible, written by Dr. Robert Aarp, is the only book of its kind to be available to all faithlife seekers.Dr. Aarp’s Bible contains over 20 pages of content that can be used to help you discover faithlife as a lifestyle and build the foundation of your personal journey.Dr Aarp describes […]

Microsoft buys Adobe for $2.4 billion

Microsoft has acquired Adobe Systems for $1.9 billion, marking the company’s largest acquisition to date.The deal, which was announced Monday, also includes Adobe’s PCM software business.The deal is expected to close in the second half of 2018, according to people familiar with the matter.Microsoft said in a statement Monday that Adobe is committed to continuing […]

Why You Need Malala’s Malala eBooks Now: Free Guitar eBooks from Axios

Axios is the free e-book aggregator for guitar, bass, and piano that offers you a curated collection of free guitar and bass guitar lessons from the best of the best.There’s no limit to the number of free songs you can download, so you’re bound to find something to get you started.The Axios site includes free […]

How to Be A Better Mindful Person: 7 Tips For Making Sense Of the Science

When it comes to becoming a better listener, the science of mindfulness has proven to be remarkably compelling.¬†As mindfulness research continues to move forward, we’re finding that the key to understanding what you’re saying and doing may be in your gut.But how do you find out what your gut says and does?Mindfulness is often touted […]