Apple’s new ebook subscription service is really cool

New York magazine is reporting that Apple has officially launched its new ebook service, Miragood, in the United Kingdom.¬†Miragood’s first offering, Free eBook, is free to use for non-Apple devices, while Free iPad, Free iPod, and Free iPad Pro all cost $1.99 a month, and a $9.99 annual subscription fee.¬†The service includes more than 1,200 […]

The world’s most famous book has been banned for having sex with animals

A popular e-book for young people has been accused of having sex in animals.The book, published by Penguin Books, has been removed from sale and is no longer available for purchase online.It is not the first time Penguin has removed e-books for having too much sex with pets.Last year, it was also removed from Amazon […]

How to Create an Email List for Your Business

The following tips will help you create a list of email addresses to send to your customers.If you’re starting a new business, you may want to start off with a list.This list of addresses will help customers find your business.If not, this list of domains and email addresses can be used to quickly find your […]

How to Create a Free HVAC ebooks Catalog

By now you’ve probably heard about free online catalogs.Some of them are fantastic, others are a little better.In this article we’ll show you how to create a free HVac eBooks catalog with just a few clicks.How to Create Free Hvac Catalog with Just a Few Clicks Step 1.Install and Configure Your Web Hosting AccountStep 2.Install […]