‘Panda’ gets a new owner: ‘It’s like a movie for my brain’

POLITICO NEW YORK —¬† ¬†Panda is in serious trouble.And if it wasn’t already obvious, that’s the good news.The bad news is that it’s in a bit of a pickle.If you’ve ever wondered how a movie that costs $100 million can be made for $25 million, this is the movie for you.Panda, the movie about a […]

Solaris ebooks available in the U.S. for free

The Solaris eBook Collection is now available in U.K. and U.C. Berkeley.The SolarIS eBook Collection consists of about 150,000 ebooks.All the ebooks are free, with the exception of some free ebooks and premium books, like the Solaris Essential Companion and the SolarIS Essential Edition.You can read them at the time of writing on Amazon, or […]