How to Play a New Superhero, Part 1

The next wave of super-heroes has arrived.And it’s all about superpowers.How do you get them?By building your own super-powers.The next step: Superheroes.For this installment, we’ll look at one of the most important elements of superhero comics today, the super-powered hero: the cape.The cape is a symbol of power.It’s the symbol of a character’s character.It tells […]

What’s in this FREE eBook? Bukowski and I discuss some of the most important themes and trends in the industry.

Business Insider article Freebie Bukowski & Hire offers a free ebook that focuses on key market insights, market trends and more.Bukowski is one of the co-founders of Bukowski Consulting, a consulting firm focused on hiring and managing professional athletes.Buks is a former NFL quarterback who played in the NFL for 11 seasons and led the […]

How to Read 100 Free Ebooks, 100 Free Share Ebooks for Free

I’ve written this book to help you make sense of the ebooks that are available for free on your iPhone or iPad.I have also created a list of free eBooks that are included in the Apple App Store.These are some of the best free e-books that you can download, but don’t have to pay for.I […]

Bossypants Free ebooks

Free ebook maker Bossypant is a free ebook creator for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.Free eBooks can be downloaded from app offers more than 1,500 free eBooks to choose from, and more are coming.For example, has more than 30,000 free e-books for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.It also has a growing library of […]

How Bossypants saved $5,000 on an ebook ebook by hiring a writer

The Bossypant is a bookseller that helps you find great ebooks for less than $5.And they’ve been working with writers for years.They also offer free ebook training, and have worked with authors for a number of years.“When we launched in 2014, we were a little more new to ebooks.We’d never heard of the Bossypanting before,” […]