When You’re Not Working You Have Free Ebooks, So Why Not Free Free Ebook?

Free ebook,ebooks,free,free-ebooks,ebook free source Digital Trends title Free ebook eBook Bundles Are Coming — Just Look for Them at Amazon article Free ebooks are now available in the digital format, and Amazon is offering free eBooks for the first time in its history.Amazon has partnered with ebook reseller Wattpad to bring free ebook deals to […]

Apple’s ebook-selling platform is back on top of Amazon and Amazon Prime

Apple’s online ebook-buying platform, the iTunes Store, is still the No. 1 digital platform, according to new data from Nielsen, according with the data released Tuesday.Apple’s overall digital sales rose 8 percent to $865 million in the third quarter, while Amazon’s sales rose 13 percent to just shy of $2.1 billion.The report marks a big […]