This Is The Worst Of Free Ebooks

I am writing this as I’m on my way to work tomorrow.I’m getting ready to buy a whole bunch of free eBooks for myself.And I am also a huge fan of the free ebook business.And in my mind, free e-books have been a success story for many years.They’re convenient, they’re easy to use, they provide […]

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 free ebook available on iTunes, Amazon and Kindle app

This free ebook by Star Wars author Jason Fryer is available to download for iPhone and iPad and for Kindle on Apple and is a free digital audiobook from Jason Fry, the author of the popular Star Wars novel series Star Wars Trilogy.Fryer’s book is called Battlefront II, and it comes with a free […]

How to make the most of the free ebook site

There are a number of reasons why I’m surprised that PCMB today was able to take a whopping 40% of the digital book market, according to the company’s CEO, Andy Yee.That’s right: 40%!The site has grown to nearly 400 million unique visitors, but Yee says that it only serves 30% of those visitors.The other 30% […]