Why the UK is the only country to not pay ebook prices

Free eBook prices are now set to plummet across the UK.The UK’s ebook market is expected to contract by about 8% next year, according to research firm IBISWorld.The industry is already in a state of flux, with a huge number of digital sales continuing to be done on-demand.There are also some big new entrants to […]

Apple’s new ebook subscription service is really cool

New York magazine is reporting that Apple has officially launched its new ebook service, Miragood, in the United Kingdom. Miragood’s first offering, Free eBook, is free to use for non-Apple devices, while Free iPad, Free iPod, and Free iPad Pro all cost $1.99 a month, and a $9.99 annual subscription fee. The service includes more than 1,200 […]

How to get free ebook in your inbox?

If you have not received your free ebook via email in the past 30 days, try to check your spam folder. This is the first of several ways you can get your free eBook in your email inbox. Some email providers are only able to deliver free eBooks to you if you check your junk folder.The free […]