What to Know About the Cybersecurity of the iPad, iPhone, and Samsung Smartphones

The next generation of smartphones is getting cheaper, faster, and more powerful than ever.The price of a new iPad Pro has dropped from $899 to $599, and the iPad mini has gone from $149 to $129.Apple has slashed prices on its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to the point where it’s even selling a 10-inch […]

Beading eBooks: Free eBooks with Free Free Beading eBook – Free ebooks for beginners

Free e-books, e-book books, free reiki ebook,free braid ebooks are some of the popular free e-readers available on the internet.Many of them have been popular for many years and can be accessed with ease and at affordable price.Free eBOOKS The best free eBooks are all listed in our free eBOOKs category.Here, you can find free […]

What if the world needed free beaded ebooks?

The idea of free beaders isn’t new, but the popularity of the idea has grown exponentially over the past few years.And while the idea is undeniably fun, it can also be extremely dangerous.The FreeBeaders app allows you to make a selection of free, downloadable, or pre-made ebooks available to download to your mobile device.You can […]

How Google Books can get the data on how you use the web

An article that describes how Google Books data can be used to find the information you need about how you consume the web.source Recoding title Why I don’t think Google Books is a good idea for me article An explanation of why I don’s think Google books is a bad idea for people who don’t […]