What’s in this FREE eBook? Bukowski and I discuss some of the most important themes and trends in the industry.

Business Insider article Freebie Bukowski & Hire offers a free ebook that focuses on key market insights, market trends and more.Bukowski is one of the co-founders of Bukowski Consulting, a consulting firm focused on hiring and managing professional athletes.Buks is a former NFL quarterback who played in the NFL for 11 seasons and led the […]

Why the UK is the only country to not pay ebook prices

Free eBook prices are now set to plummet across the UK.The UK’s ebook market is expected to contract by about 8% next year, according to research firm IBISWorld.The industry is already in a state of flux, with a huge number of digital sales continuing to be done on-demand.There are also some big new entrants to […]