How to Avoid Getting Your Free Auto Ebooks Removed From Amazon | How to Get Your Free Kindle Books Removed From The Amazon Store

Free auto ebook downloads are becoming increasingly rare on Amazon.In fact, in February 2018, only 1% of Amazon’s ebooks were free to download.However, with the release of Amazon Kindle Fire, there are a few new ways to avoid getting your free ebooks removed from the platform.If you are a Kindle owner, you can simply purchase […]

This Is The Worst Of Free Ebooks

I am writing this as I’m on my way to work tomorrow.I’m getting ready to buy a whole bunch of free eBooks for myself.And I am also a huge fan of the free ebook business.And in my mind, free e-books have been a success story for many years.They’re convenient, they’re easy to use, they provide […]

Which Kindle ebook mockup is the best?

Free ebooks are becoming more popular, and with good reason: They’re a great way to learn new things and discover new content.But you don’t have to spend hours reading every ebook on your Kindle to have fun.We’ve rounded up the best mockups and ebook mockups you can download and print.Read on to find out which […]