How to download a FREE e-book for FREE on the popular free e-store free ebooks

You might want to look into using eBooks Direct instead.It is a service where you pay an author to upload a free ebook to the Amazon platform, then Amazon gives the authors a percentage of sales of the sale.They can then sell the ebook on their own site or through their own bookstores.It’s a very […]

When the U.S. becomes the world’s leading supplier of free ebooks: That means the world will get free e-books

By Emily SchumannThe Americanah ebook is free, and that means it’s good for everyone.That’s according to the company, which announced Tuesday that it will be the first publisher in the world to offer the e-book for free.Americanah, founded in 2011 by former Apple co-founder Peter Thiel, says it is a subsidiary of the same company […]