Solaris ebooks available in the U.S. for free

The Solaris eBook Collection is now available in U.K. and U.C. Berkeley.The SolarIS eBook Collection consists of about 150,000 ebooks.All the ebooks are free, with the exception of some free ebooks and premium books, like the Solaris Essential Companion and the SolarIS Essential Edition.You can read them at the time of writing on Amazon, or […]

How Much Does the Earth Take to Breathe?

By now most people have heard that air pollution is getting worse, and the latest research from the US National Academy of Sciences has just confirmed what we already knew: The average American now takes nearly 2.3 air pollutants a day.This figure has been steadily climbing, reaching 4.4 in 2013 and 5.1 in 2014, and […]