Google search results for ‘free ebook’ and ‘relentlessly ebook’ free, free ebook search

Search results for “free ebook” and “relentlessness ebook” are dominated by the word “free” and the word “.eBook”, both of which are the keywords for “eBook”.This is because these words are the only two search results that are relevant to “free eBooks”.“free eBook” is the only one of these that will match the query for […]

Why you might want to buy macbith’s latest ebook free from Apple (Australia)

Posted September 27, 2018 09:40:00 Macbith Publishing Australia has announced it will no longer sell Macbeth’s latest eBook, which comes with a free copy of the film.The publisher says that as part of its ongoing commitment to open source, Macbiths books have been written by people from all walks of life and have a range […]