New ebooks from the new ‘Book Of The Week’ category: Book of the Week from the New York Times

New eBooks from the ‘Book of the Day’ category are now available to readers of the NYT.The new category was added to the NYT’s “Reads” section in January, where readers can choose from up to 30 titles for free each week.Since then, NYT readers have been able to choose from over 2,500 ebooks.The new category […]

How to make the most of the free ebook site

There are a number of reasons why I’m surprised that PCMB today was able to take a whopping 40% of the digital book market, according to the company’s CEO, Andy Yee.That’s right: 40%!The site has grown to nearly 400 million unique visitors, but Yee says that it only serves 30% of those visitors.The other 30% […]