Mindhunter ebook ebook free for non-digital readers

FREE eBook Mindhunter is the award-winning crime series starring Emmy-winning writer/director Tim Minear.The series is about a series of cases that start when a mentally unstable young woman is kidnapped and held captive by a man known as “The Mindhunter”.The series was written by Minear, based on the book by Dan Simmons, who also penned […]

‘Panda’ gets a new owner: ‘It’s like a movie for my brain’

POLITICO NEW YORK —   Panda is in serious trouble.And if it wasn’t already obvious, that’s the good news.The bad news is that it’s in a bit of a pickle.If you’ve ever wondered how a movie that costs $100 million can be made for $25 million, this is the movie for you.Panda, the movie about a […]

New Zealand’s biggest online sex toy company loses bid to trademark “Madden”

FreeDigitalTimes.com FreeDigitalTime.com – New Zealand is in for a shock as a new online sex toys company has failed to register the trademark for the phrase “MADDEN” in a trademark application. The trademark application filed by “The Ultimate MADDEN”, a division of New Zealand-based company “Fangirl”, was submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs and Communications […]