Solaris ebooks available in the U.S. for free

The Solaris eBook Collection is now available in U.K. and U.C. Berkeley.The SolarIS eBook Collection consists of about 150,000 ebooks.All the ebooks are free, with the exception of some free ebooks and premium books, like the Solaris Essential Companion and the SolarIS Essential Edition.You can read them at the time of writing on Amazon, or […]

How much free money books are available to Canadians? | CBC News

Free money eBooks are available in Canada for all ages, including young children, and are also available in many languages.Free money books have been around since the mid-1990s.They can be purchased online or through libraries.Free salafi books are more expensive but they are available on demand and are often more expensive than the traditional free […]

Why You Should Get Your Free eBook for Free from Amazon and Flipkart

Flipkard, the online retailer that owns Amazon and Amazon Prime, has revealed that it will offer free ebooks from its own platform, Flipkarts, for the first time ever.The offer is part of Flipkards ‘ first major deal in the US to offer free ebook books from publishers that are part of its online library.Flipkart, the […]