Which books should you buy from Springer for your dogs?

Springer’s free veterinary e-books offer great value for pets, but they’re not for everyone.That’s why it’s important to read your books carefully.To find out which books are good for your pets, we spoke with Springer owner, Karen Springer, who is the author of “The New Best Pet Food.”Read MoreSpringer, along with her husband, Bob Springer-Miller, […]

How to find free PC eBook Animations

Free PC eBook animations can be used to animate your own digital content, including your favorite books, movies, TV shows, and more.But before you start, you’ll need to download the free ebook.To do that, visit www.animationsource.com, select the Free PC ebook option, and click the Download.Now you can start animating the books in your favorite […]

New book on vampires, witches and other supernatural beings: ‘Vampires, Witches and Other Spooky Creatures’ by John C. W. Campbell

The title of this new book on the supernatural creatures of the paranormal is pretty terrifying: “Vampires and Witches and Others.”It was written by John Campbell and comes from his new book, The Vampire, Witch, and Other Other Spookies, out this week.The book includes some disturbing details about these creatures, but also some great information […]