Apple’s new ebook subscription service is really cool

New York magazine is reporting that Apple has officially launched its new ebook service, Miragood, in the United Kingdom. Miragood’s first offering, Free eBook, is free to use for non-Apple devices, while Free iPad, Free iPod, and Free iPad Pro all cost $1.99 a month, and a $9.99 annual subscription fee. The service includes more than 1,200 […]

Mistborn: The Complete Novel, the Complete Book, the Free MP3, the New eBook, and Free Free Music eBook for Kindle, the Booking app

The Mistborn series has sold nearly a million copies since it was released in November.It’s currently ranked #1 on Amazon’s Kindle ebook chart.This is an excerpt from the book’s new book. For more Polygon coverage, check out the  Polygon  app for iPhone and Android. 

UK to introduce ebook reading in the home

Free ebooks will be made available in homes and workplaces across the country in coming months, the UK government has announced.The Home Office has announced it will start requiring people to download free ebooks to their smart phones, tablets and laptops and to download them to their computer.The government hopes to have a free e-book […]